Trading UO Gold, The Buy Sell Guide

A UO Gold is the term used with ultima online currency.   There can be checks which are the sum of gold coins which can be up to 1 million uo gold coins in one check.   Veteran players use the UO gold to speed up the progression of their characters skills and items.  From fighting skills to treasure hunting to animal taming the list goes on and on.  Everyone is easier in ultima online with an abundance of UO gold.

You can Buy Items at low prices and then sell them back to other players at a higher price and turn a profit.  The guy to buying and selling for UO gold profits is best addressed by first understanding the market and a vague idea of the kind of cost certain items hold.  You can write a list of items you are looking to buy in your characters journal which can be viewed by other players.  Standing at a popular bank such as the Luna bank is good way to reach your message out to the largest audience possible.

Everything you need can be found here including ultima online gold.