Top 3 Reasons Why Your Marijuana Seeds are Not Germinating

When growers say they’re germinating marijuana seeds, it simply means they’re getting the seeds ready to sprout. The process of sprouting seeds can be achieved through different methods. Growers can germinate seeds in a paper towel, a cup, or a germination station; soak them overnight; or plant them directly to a medium.

Marijuana seeds is important because it is the first step to successfully growing marijuana plants. Plus, marijuana seeds can be expensive and ordering them, risky. So although germinating seeds can be easy enough, it can have unexpected results.

Despite careful planning, germinating marijuana seeds may not go smoothly as one would expect. Problems can happen during this process, the biggest of which is the seeds not germinating.

There are several reasons why this could happen. But here are the top 3 reasons why marijuana seeds do not germinate:


Temperature plays a vital role in the germination process. Getting just the right temperature is very important for marijuana seeds to sprout. Several sources recommend temperature for germinating seeds to remain constant at about 20 to 27 °C.

Beyond this range and the temperature becomes too high. If the temperature is too hot, the soil becomes too parched. Soil desiccation can occur. Aside from this, high temperatures can also cause injury to marijuana seeds and seedlings.

On the other end of the spectrum, temperatures below the recommended range are too low for germination. If the temperature is too cold, the germination process may slow down, become uneven, or totally prevented. Marijuana seeds and seedlings may die due to the cold or from fungal growth. For instance, fungal diseases like fusarium and pythium can cause seeds and roots to rot. In addition, too low temperatures during germination also have adverse effects on the soil. Aside from possibility of frost, the soil may become diseased, resulting inevitably to failure in germinating seeds.

Humidity or Moisture

Humidity is another important factor to consider when germinating marijuana seeds. Both seeds and soil need just the right amount of moisture for the germination process to become a success.

Marijuana seeds need to be damp for germination. And because the seeds also need oxygen to germinate properly, they can’t be too wet as well. Too much moisture in seeds can prevent them from taking in enough oxygen and cause germination to fail in the process.

Soil, too, needs just the right amount of moisture to successfully germinate marijuana seeds. Above 50% humidity in the soil can cause fungal infections that damage or kill seeds and seedlings while sprouting. Too much water in the soil could also drown the seeds.

Medium or Soil

Last, but not least, is medium or soil. Germinating marijuana seeds requires just the right soil condition.

Soil that is too loose or too firm can prevent seeds from sprouting. Too firm soil could “choke” marijuana seeds, as they cannot get enough oxygen. Drainage can also be affected. Very firm soil can accumulate too much water, causing seeds and seedlings to drown.

On the other hand, soil that is too loose is not ideal for germination. Very loose soil has too much air and will not be able to hold enough water, resulting in dry soil. In parched soil, marijuana seeds will not be able to get enough water. As a result, they will dry out and eventually die.