Save Money on New Jersey Weddings

Save Money on New Jersey Weddings


Getting married is one of the most exciting days for anyone to remember! Yet it doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag. Here are some ways to save money on New Jersey weddings that will still ensure you have a lovely ceremony to remember. Saving money means that your plans can be done stress free.


Free Location for NJ Weddings


Find a free location to exchange nuptials. Here are plenty of parks with lovely gardens that are perfect for New Jersey weddings. You do have to make a reservation for some of the locations though. You can’t just show up and hope it is free for that point in time. You can find information online that shares how to get that reservation completed.


When possible, have the reception there too. If your wedding is in the summer, you can host it in the park and save money. You can have a few decorations, put up awnings to offer some shade, and rent tables and chairs for people to relax. It is a very simple, intimate, and relaxing type of wedding reception that is low cost.


Flower Options at New Jersey Weddings


While roses are a lovely choice for any wedding, they can be very expensive. New Jersey weddings are full of them! However, this is the garden state, so you have plenty of options to pick from. Find out what is readily available for the time of year when your wedding will take place. Not only will you wow guests with unique flower choices, you will save a great deal of money on the cost.




Getting married early in the day is going to save you money on New Jersey weddings. Many venues offer afternoon pricing that is lower than late afternoon or evening wedding ceremonies. Plus, the time can save you money on the reception too. For example, you can offer snacks, sandwiches, and finger foods for an early day wedding. When you do so later in the day with an evening reception, a full dinner is often expected by the guests.




No one wants to have terrible wedding photos, so it makes sense that people pay high dollar for one of the best. Yet when it comes to New Jersey weddings, there are many options. There are quite a few people that offer such services. Take the time to shop around early for a photographer so you can compare their portfolios. You can also talk to them and get an idea of their personalities. You don’t have to spend top dollar to get exceptional wedding photos that you will be very happy with.




You can save quite a bit of money on New Jersey weddings if you get your own transportation in place. You don’t need limos or a horse and carriage to make the day complete. Take your own car or even get a nice sports car that you rent for the weekend. This small change can result in a savings of hundreds of dollars before you know it.