Myths regarding Washington Rehabs

Common Myths about Washington Rehabs

Not everything you hear about Washington rehabs is the truth. The problem though is that the false information can continue to circulate heavily. Identifying common myths and nipping them in the bud is important. That allows a person to make better decisions for treatment. Finding credible information can help a person to feel better about making a commitment to a drug and alcohol rehab facility.

Higher Cost Means Better Success

Just because a person is in a higher priced facility for Washington rehabs, it doesn’t mean they will have better success. In some instances, it can mean they have higher ranked counselors or more perks to a program. In many settings, the additional cost is for the view, a private room, and other amenities that are nice to have but not a necessity.

Outpatient doesn’t Work

Studies do show that inpatient treatment is more effective than outpatient treatment. That is due to people in a facility not having exposure to drugs or alcohol. They are engaged in more counseling, therapy, and treatment around the clock than they would in an outpatient program. However, an inpatient isn’t always practical for someone.

An outpatient program can work but it means more work on the part of the patient. They have to steer clear of triggers. It is helpful for them to have a sponsor they can turn to if they do feel the temptation to use drugs or alcohol becoming overwhelming.

All Washington Drug Rehabs are the Same

While the basic reasoning behind drug and alcohol rehabs are the same, the methods of treatment can be very different. It is important to check out what the program includes before committing to one of them. Some of the differences are very large and they can affect the results a person will get.

For example, some of them are designed to assist with dual diagnosis. This means that they are far more than just Washington rehabs. They can also help with chronic pain, mental health disorders, and eating disorders that a person may have in addition to the dependency on drugs or alcohol.

They aren’t Affordable

While a Washington drug rehab can be expensive, it can be well worth it to make significant changes for life. Look into coverage from insurance that the patient has. Consider sliding scale facilities that base the cost on income. Most facilities will also work out payment arrangements over a set period of time so that the patient can get the help they need. Talk to the facility about the options they have.

Teens aren’t Educated while in Washington Rehabs

Almost all of the drug and alcohol rehabs around the country offer education for teens that are in an inpatient treatment program. This is to help ensure they keep up on their studies. They don’t want to be behind when they return to a regular school setting. The education is in addition to the rehab curriculum.