Just in time for kitchen exhaust fan

How to get the Most from your Kitchen Exhaust
Your kitchen exhaust fan helps to eliminate smoke, food smells, and other elements from circulating around your home. It can pull those smells up and out so that they don’t linger in your home. However, many people don’t have an exhaust that works well because they haven’t maintained it. Take steps to keep it operating like it should. Then you just have to flip the switch to benefit from it.
Keep it Clean
Don’t allow dirt and grime to build up on the hood of your kitchen exhaust fan. Wipe it down regularly so that dirt, dust, and other elements won’t be circulating around your kitchen when you do turn it on. If it has been a while since you last cleaned it, now is the time. Do so with a good degreaser product to help break through the layers.
If you live in an area of high humidity, condensation can be an issue for your kitchen exhaust fan. Routinely, make sure you clean out any water droplets that may have accumulated. You also need to make sure you aren’t getting stains in the fan area due to those droplets. Try adding a dehumidifier to your home to help reduce the risk of condensation if you are noticing signs of it.
Listen for Problems
Don’t ignore problems that tell you that something just isn’t right with your kitchen exhaust fan. If there is a grinding or screeching then there is likely something going wrong with the motor. If there is a rattle then something has come loose. Take the time to look for such problems as soon as you hear something. This will prevent small problems from becoming larger ones.
Bad Smells
If you smell something burning coming from your kitchen exhaust fan, turn it off! This could mean your motor is burning up. It could also mean that you have wires that are melting together. Allow the area to cool off and then turn off the power. Investigate the source of such smells rather than ignore them.
Remember to Turn it Off
Don’t forget to turn your kitchen exhaust fan off! Many of them are so quiet that you may forget you used it. Then you get up the next morning and go to make coffee, and discover it has been on all night! A good way to remember to turn it off is to turn the light on with it. Then when you see the light, you will know the exhaust is still on too.
If you need to replace your kitchen exhaust, make sure you get good quality. If you get a new motor, it should be made for that make and model. If you get an overall replacement, make sure it has good reviews. It is also recommended to look for a product with a generous warranty. You never know when you may need to redeem it. You may pay a bit more for a quality kitchen exhaust fan, but in the end, it is worth it.