Getting Started with Homemade Soaps

It can be fun to create homemade soaps, but start out simple. You don’t need to spend lots of money to get started. Think about what you would like to make and why. Do you want to have soap that is made from natural ingredients? Do you have family members with sensitive skin that you want to protect? Perhaps you would like to make some great gifts for the upcoming holidays?


Selecting Ingredients


The ingredients you will need depend on the recipes you plan to follow. When you are first getting started with homemade soaps, find those that only use the basic ingredients. As your skills get better, you can try some more advanced options. You can buy ingredients locally or online. Just make sure they are all natural and that they are quality ingredients.


Compare prices on ingredients so that you can get a terrific deal. If you buy the ingredients in bulk, you save more. However, if you are new to making homemade soaps, you may want to start out with very small batches. If you buy ingredients online, make sure you carefully calculate the additional cost of shipping. Find free shipping codes and discounts to make it less expensive.


Choosing Recipes


Look for recipes that are rated as simple when you get started with the process of creating homemade soaps. Those that have only a couple of ingredients are a great idea. It cuts down on the amount you invest in the ingredients. It also cuts down on the amount of storage space for your ingredients. Make sure you carefully follow each step in a given recipe. Once you get familiar with the process, you can start making some variations.


Kitchen Items


If you have some older pots, you can use them exclusively for your homemade soaps. It doesn’t make sense to buy new ones for such a project. Buy new ones to replace those you already have and keep those you use for the soaps in a separate area. You will also need a good thermometer and some wooden spoons. You may need a double boiler depending on the recipe you choose to follow. Measuring cups are also a good idea for making the natural soap.


Moulds allow you to pour the recipe when it gets to the right temperature into them. As the ingredients cool, they will be in the form of what you selected. You can go with oval or square bars. You can also get moulds that have flowers or holiday designs in them. Make sure the molds are clean before you pour the soap mixture into them. Pouring of the natural soap is a skill that gets better with practice.




It takes time for homemade soaps to cure successfully. You should give them at least 30 days from the time you make them to the time they are used. If you can give them a couple of months, that is even better. To help them keep their form and to hold fragrance, you need to wrap them. You can use cellophane, brown paper, and even ribbons. The goal is to keep them well preserved until you are ready to use them. Select the natural soap that can be stored the easiest as well.


Store your homemade soaps in a dry location. Avoid placing them in areas where they can get wet as they may start to flake. You also want to keep them out of direct sunlight as than cause them to flake.