Facts and Benefits of Nanticoke Propane

Nanticoke Propane Facts


Many people take the use of propane for granted. Yet it can be used for vehicles, for heating homes, and so much more. These propane facts will help you to gain a new appreciation for it. Plus, it may help you to see ways you can incorporate using it at home or in a business to save money and help improve the environment.


Nanticoke Propane is Safe


One of the reasons that people are often hesitant to use propane is because they worry about how safe it is. Appliances and other types of equipment that use propane though are quite safe. There are rigorous safety standards and tests in place that have to be met. The GAS Check system is very effective (Gas Appliance System Check).


Propane is less flammable than most other products that are petroleum based. This is because the mix of Nanticoke propane and air has to be very specific in order for it to burn. If it is less than 2.2% then it won’t burn. If it is more than 9.6% then it won’t burn either. Selecting your provider of Nanticoke propane is an important decision.


Should there be a propane leak, it will turn into vapor. It won’t create a flammable puddle on the floor. There is no odor to propane naturally. However, an odor has been added to it so that consumers can tell if they have a leak.


Nanticoke Propane is Eco-Friendly


Since the Clean Air Act of 1990 was implemented, propane has been on the list. It was added to the National Energy Policy Act in 1992. It is very light and that is why it is able to burn cleaner than other types of fossil fuels. It produces less than half of the amount of carbon dioxide as coal which reduces harmful emissions into the air.


The water and the soil don’t become damaged from propane exposure because it isn’t toxic. This is why propane tanks can be placed either below or above ground. The EPA (Environmental Protection Act) has deemed either placement as being a safe option. Many consumers choose the in ground placement to help improve the visual landscaping. However, that is more expensive than a tank being placed above ground.


Incentives and Savings


Many states offer incentives to help consumers be encouraged to change over to the use of propane for home or business. The savings adds up quickly for homes, for fleet vehicles, and for the long term use in any type of business. The ongoing savings can help with reducing overhead costs so that there is more of a profit.


Lots of People use it


More than 10 million consumers in the USA  use propane annually in some capacity. More than 860,000 farms rely on it for irrigation and other important tasks that keep the farm production high. The use of Nanticoke propane for vehicles though is one of the most common uses. It helps to reduce the cost for transportation both for individuals and for large companies that own fleets of vehicles. As fuel costs continue to increase, the option of a propane operated vehicle is more and more appealing.