Dallas PA Child Custody Lawyer will minimize uncertainty

Trying to work out the details of child custody lawyer on your own isn’t always the best solution. You may not fully know your rights or those of the other parent. What will you do if they say they will let you have the kids every weekend but then you show up and they aren’t home? If there is no custody order in place, there is nothing that can be done. Even when you are on good terms with your ex, it is best to have a Dallas PA child custody lawyer draw up terms.

Then there is the opportunity for both parties to negotiate until an agreement can be reached. Try to be fair so the other party doesn’t get upset and demanding. You want to keep your kids as much as possible, and that is understood. Yet you also have to understand the position of that other party. Even if the two of you no longer wish to be together, you have children in the mix so you have to try to do what is best for them. You have to negotiate, communicate, and find a way to make it work out for all involved.

With a Dallas PA child custody lawyer, you can understand your rights and you can realize what happens if you don’t comply with the court order. If the other parent shows up to get the kids and you don’t have them there you can be in legal trouble. If they don’t bring them back as schedule, you can report it to the law and they will get into trouble. The idea is to make sure both parties know what they have agreed to and then they follow through.

Otherwise, child custody cases can be very chaotic and very unpredictable. A couple may do well initially and then one gets made at the other and fails to follow through. It can take months to get it all sorted out in the courts if there is no legal order in place. Having one in there documented and on file from the start signed by both parties is the best way to protect yourself and your children.

Over time, the current Dallas PA child custody order may no longer meet the needs of the household. It may be time for your lawyer to go back to court and ask for modifications. For example, if you are moving 100 miles away it can be harder for them to stay with the other parent two nights a week. You may have to give up your weekends with them and a larger chunk of the summer for them to agree to it.

Your children may have school and community obligations they wish to be part of. The other parent needs to be considerate of that and get them to such events. If they aren’t doing so, your Dallas PA child custody lawyer can also work without to get such issues resolved. Otherwise, your children may not be able to enjoy those types of activities and that isn’t fair to them.