3 Steps to Get Live Psychics Who are Authentic

There are numerous websites offering the services of psychics. However, not all of them are  genuine.

There are certain factors that differentiate an authentic psychic from a fake one. Here are 3 simple steps you can do to ensure that you are getting live psychics who are authentic:

Ask someone you know for referrals.

How do you know which psychic is good or bad? One way of finding out if a psychic is good (or not) is by asking around. When looking for a psychic who can read your future, try finding out if people you know can refer you to someone they’ve already dealt with.

Your family and friends are probably the best place for you to start asking for referrals. Someone you personally know such as a neighbor or colleague could also refer you to a psychic they have experience with.

In addition to getting referrals, you may also even try asking them questions about their experiences. What did they like most about the psychic? What did they like least about the psychic? Are the rates reasonable? And so on and so forth.

Check testimonials, written feedback, and rating from previous clients of live psychics who conduct online reading sessions.

Research is key to getting live psychics who will best fit your needs. In general, a psychic should appear in reliable psychic networks.

When searching online, look for live psychics with written feedback, especially from sites that require the one giving feedback to have already paid for a psychic’s services. In this way, you can be sure that the feedback’s are genuinely based on their experience and not made up to make the psychic look good.

Written feedback’s are proof that psychics have experience dealing with clients online. This will also show you their track record. You will be able to determine whether they are good or not based on written feedback from their previous clients.

Another good rule of thumb when it comes to checking feedback of live psychics is to look for a mix of good and not so good feedback from their clients. This means the psychic is not all about looking good. Psychics give answers based on what they see and this may not always be something a client would like to hear. In other words, live psychics with a broad mix of reviews are more likely real because they give honest answers to their clients.

Written feedback will also enable you to look for patterns: What is the psychic good at? What problems did clients encounter with the psychic, if any? A string of client feedback should give you an idea how good or not a psychic is.

Other websites have in place a rating system, such as a five-star rating system. Psychics are listed on different websites, so it is best to check the ratings of live psychics in several sites.

 Ask psychics for references.

Ask your white listed psychics for references, especially if you’re not sure the reviews of these live psychics you got online are 100% genuine. Legitimate psychics don’t mind giving references because they view previous readings with pride and as a source of learning.